Patient Perspective



What does it feel like to take part in CBT? This poem by D. Barrett, from the Oxford Guide to Surviving as a CBT Therapist, is about a patient receiving CBT. I thought it was the perfect way to start my new blog, Mind Cloud, which will record aspects of my work as a psychotherapist. 


Waiting expectantly for you to start

Spilling the beans

Revealing things that have torn you apart

Tentative steps

Feeling your way

Exploring the events

That blacken your day

Painful times

Like raking hot coals

What do you need to achieve

What are your goals

Discussing in detail

The shadows of life

Sometimes can wound

Like turning a knife

Any yet suddenly

A chunk of light seems to appear

You want to reach out, hold it

To draw it near

Someone who listens

Adds no burden or blame

Doesn’t laugh at your feelings

Doesn’t fill you with shame

Slowly unravelling the tangly web

Feelings of anxiety beginning to ebb

Calmness descends, like a comforting hand

Acceptance and knowledge sharing the same land

Learning to stop the roundabout

From going full spin

Controlling the turmoil

You can find yourself in

Using the brakes

The tools you have learned

To finally find the peace

You have so rightfully earned