Season’s Greetings

Some people get frustrated when snow disrupts their usual routine. It can, of course, be very irritating to be unable to travel, and it can be troublesome and even dangerous when stuck in the elements. From our lucky position in Ipswich town, we don’t often experience problems when snow settles. I love how it makes us pause, wait and watch. Snow brings mountain smells and a quiet slowness. The air transforms and nature is illuminated. The log cabin seems even more inviting in the snow – a warm, safe haven for calm and reflection.


As the festive season draws closer, it’s natural to think about the year behind us (which has flown past) and the year ahead. To all the clients we welcomed this year, thank you for choosing Smart CBT+. We wish you comfort, peace and happiness this Christmas, and we look forward to a positive New Year, filled with opportunities and hope. The office is open again from 2nd January 2018.