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Go green

Fresh air drives fresh thinking. Smart CBT’s Walking Talking Therapy moves CBT outside into the beautiful parks of Ipswich and soon to the scenic Suffolk coast as well. During a session, you’ll walk and talk with your therapist at your chosen pace along a set green route. This therapy is suitable for people of all fitness levels.




Walking Talking Therapy is a great choice for a variety of reasons. Being active is energising for the body and the mind. You may feel more relaxed outdoors. You may find it easier to think while you walk. You may be inspired by nature as you talk.

Tapping into nature’s multi-sensory healing power alongside rhythmic walking is productive for the processes of:

  • self-discovery
  • creativity and deeper thinking
  • processing feelings and body sensations
  • relaxation and mindfulness
  • promoting a sense of freedom and aliveness
  • unblocking insight leading to breakthroughs

Using nature as an ‘office’ enriches psychotherapy sessions for both the client and the therapist. Walking in parallel with visual distractions can release inhibitions and can allow for easier engagement. There is sense of comfort and security when establishing your pace and rhythm in sync with another on an adventure together.



Photo by Big Fish PhotographyHow?

Your therapist will meet you at an agreed landmark and you will embark on a pre-set route together for 25 or 50 minutes. Bespoke extended walks, half- and full-day treatments for individuals and groups, can also be organised. The therapy routes are designed to take you through various mico-environments in order to engage your senses and inspire your thoughts. Although routes are along clear pathways or grass, please be sure to bring weather-appropriate clothing and shoes.

Whether you prefer a meditative, relaxing mode of walking or a more active, fast-paced session, your therapist will match your stride.




Currently, you can choose between Christchurch Park in Ipswich town centre or Holywells Park in the south-east of Ipswich, which is close to the Waterfront. The starting point will be confirmed when you book a treatment. For more information about the parks, visit:




Walking Talking Therapy can be arranged for the morning, at lunchtime or after work. Your preference can be discussed during a free 15-minute assessment call. Simply contact us to arrange.




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The psychology

Open space allows for an open mind – a wandering mind in an environment of possibility and change. Movement propels people forward, literally and figuratively. Exercise lifts those from a depressed hypo-aroused state and those who are stressed and anxious out of a state of cortisol-driven hyper-arousal into a calmer state of mind, mindsets to promote clearer thinking, new ideas and action. Walking stimulates both sides of the brain (bilateral stimulation) providing access to your unconscious mind with more clarity and insight.



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